The Soul of a New Cuisine: Apple-Squash Fritters

I can’t do this book justice. At ~340 pages in length with recipes spanning the entire African continent, it’s impossible to represent it in one small recipe. But that’s the challenge I have, I suppose. Sadly, this, once again, is the first time I’ve ever cooked from Marcus Samuelsson’s The Soul of a New Cuisine: … Continue reading

Vegan Charlottesville

We’re lucky enough here in Roanoke to live close (well, 2 hours close) to Charlottesville, Virginia–home of UVA. Though it’s a smaller town than Roanoke, C’ville is definitely more bustling and food adventurous than here thanks to the university community. And, being a Georgia girl, the fact that it even has its own Mellow Mushroom … Continue reading

Papa Tofu: Crispy Crunchy Stuffed Tofu Pockets

Now that we’ve had some Nice Ass Greens, how about some Crispy Crunchy Stuffed Tofu Pockets to go with them? (Some recipeless cheezy grits are on the bottom of the ensemble, by the way.) These little tofu pocket gems come to us via Kittee Berns of Cake Maker to the Stars. I’ve had the pleasure … Continue reading

Sunny Days in Texas: Nice Ass Greens

Week three, week three–let’s start with some Nice Ass Greens! Saturday found me with a little spare time, so I spent the afternoon cooking up a vegan Southern feast. Crispy Crunchy Stuffed Tofu Pockets from Kittee’s Papa Tofu zine will come tomorrow, but today I’m all about some awesome collard greens. At market, farmers are … Continue reading

The Joy of Vegan Baking: Chocolate Chip Cookies

It turns out that I’m kind of cheating with this recipe. I knew I’d already made it at some point over the last few years, but I didn’t know that I’d already posted a version of it on the blog! The fact that it was back in 2008 gives me a little wiggle room, though, … Continue reading

Down Yonder Zine: Summer Tomato Tart

A couple of years ago when I lived in Atlanta, I rented a house with two friends in the section of town called Old Fourth Ward. Besides the great perks of having my backyard butt up to the bike path or the bakery I worked at being across the street (makes stumbling to work at … Continue reading

Warrior Dash & Vegan Richmond

Going to Richmond in October (and thus during most MoFos) seems to be a theme for me. Most years, I head east to see my family at the Richmond Folk Festival, but this year was for a completely different reason–the Virginia Warrior Dash. Let’s talk for a minute about my running style–I love trail running … Continue reading

Swell Zine: Lentil Bolognese

Several years ago (2009?), AK of Swell Vegan published her first zine. And when I say ‘zine,’ I mean gorgeous mini cookbook. While their aren’t any photos, the black cover with gold printed design is enough to sweep you off your feet. In the days before Pinterest and everyone outdoing one another with cute, indie … Continue reading

Southern Foodways Alliance Community Cookbook: Roan Mountain Corn Gravy

So I had this plan: this week I was going to focus on featuring zines. I even went through all the zines, picked out recipes to try, and grocery shopped for them. See, I was thinking ahead. (Caveat: I never plan ahead anymore. Once upon a time I used to…) But then this gravy happened. … Continue reading

The Craft of the Cocktail: Stone Fence

At my office we honor beer o’ clock–the magical 4 pm hour when we tromp the fridge in the back of the office and pull out a cool one, a craft beer of our own, to sip until we head home for the weekend. I don’t work at Facebook or Zynga or some cool tech … Continue reading