Blue Ridge Parkway & Plant

Have you ever had a moment when you’re driving and you see a sign or a turn off and you say, what the hell, and take it, even though it’s going to add time to your route or maybe even take you off course? I’ll admit, I rarely do that. But on the way back … Continue reading

Atlanta Eats, Part II

While one and a half days is not enough time to eat all the vegan goodness in Atlanta, I certainly tried my best. After the uber filling dinner of Delia’s, I lost a bit of time Tuesday morning due to the whole keys-locked-in-trunk thing. Thankfully I was still pretty stuffed from the night before, so … Continue reading

Atlanta Eats, Part I

A day late and a dollar short–turns out my Atlanta trip got a little more exciting yesterday morning when I locked my keys in my trunk. Whoops. So my schedule (of eating–what else?) was thrown off and left no time for blogging. It happens, though right? (Oh, and AAA saved the day and broke into … Continue reading

Bean Vegan Cuisine & Cyclocross

Vegan MoFo hits the road! I haven’t shared this with you all yet, but exciting news in my world–I accepted an offer to work with Starlight Custom Cycling Apparel as a marketing/sales opps person! While my other job was a fine job, it was just that: a job. Starlight, I have a feeling, will be … Continue reading

Vegan Charlottesville

We’re lucky enough here in Roanoke to live close (well, 2 hours close) to Charlottesville, Virginia–home of UVA. Though it’s a smaller town than Roanoke, C’ville is definitely more bustling and food adventurous than here thanks to the university community. And, being a Georgia girl, the fact that it even has its own Mellow Mushroom … Continue reading

Warrior Dash & Vegan Richmond

Going to Richmond in October (and thus during most MoFos) seems to be a theme for me. Most years, I head east to see my family at the Richmond Folk Festival, but this year was for a completely different reason–the Virginia Warrior Dash. Let’s talk for a minute about my running style–I love trail running … Continue reading


This weekend was a whirlwind of running, mudding (by accident—more on that story later this week), popping ibuprofin, napping, and eating far too much good food in Richmond, Virginia. Love that town. While more of the recap will show up this week during Vegan MoFo (can’t wait for that to get started tomorrow!), tonight I’m … Continue reading

Jimmy Sardines – Roanoke

I meant to write this post seven or eight months ago. I’d taken pictures of the pizza, planned on trying the pasta and subs, was excited about it all. Then I completely forgot. Which is good, since the photos where shot during winter and were pretty darn dark and hard to edit. Now, with summer-lit … Continue reading

SSFC: Local Brews & Beef

This month is Virginia’s First Craft Brewery Month and, while I didn’t plan for this post to feature one of my favorite Virginia breweries, happenstance ruled that today’s SSFC, the first of August, would center on craft brews and some local eats. No matter what state you live in, take a chance this month to … Continue reading

Double Apple — Roanoke

You know how I always complain about the falafel situation in Roanoke? How I really just want a street food falafel, nothing fancy, and I’ve yet to find a restaurant here that meets the criteria? Well, I think I found it. A few weeks ago, G & I were deciding where to go for dinner … Continue reading