August Garden Update

One of the many dahlias

September! How the heck did September get here? Isn’t it still summer? (The right answer in my book is ‘yes,’ by the way–screw this seasonal change stuff.)

Death of the zucchinis

The tomato bed–terribly overgrown & messy, but producing!

Okra flower–who knew they were so pretty?


Eggplant flower

Black Beauty Eggplant

A little late on the garden update, but here’s a collection of snapshots from the garden last month. The zucchinis beat the dust (powdery mildew–not that I was terribly sad to yank the giants out…), the okra and eggplants flowered, then fruited, peppers kept peppering, and the green beans finally started producing! Lots of good stuff. Not to mention an overload of tomatoes–which I’ve turned into whole canned tomatoes and this awesome tomato sauce I wrote about last year. As for the cherry tomatoes, oven-dried all the way. Holy crap, not only are they delicious, but they freeze well.  Looking forward to snacking on those this January.

Sweet Banana Peppers

Green Beans

Jalapeno Peppers & Nasturtiums

I’m looking forward to the fall garden–planted seeds (a little late, but we’ll see what works, the greens should be fine), ordered garlic, plotting out the extra beds I’ll make–all that good stuff before winter settles in. Should be a busy few months.

But until then, it’s still tomato & okra season–the best of the year!

7 Responses to “August Garden Update”
  1. FoodFeud says:

    Ah, awesome job! The eggplant looks perfect and hooray for garden tomatoes. I wish I had some land to plant on but I probably would not be as diligent as you. Are you planning anything new for next year?

  2. Seasonsgirl says:

    Your garden does appear to be doing really well 🙂

  3. adam keen says:

    I know I’m always complaining about the weather here in London, but, my god, what you can do with a bit of Sun! Will you adopt me??

    By the way, I have a request, seriously; please post what you do with your okra. I’ve never been able to cook it in a way that I’ve liked. Always too slimy..

  4. What beautiful harvests and what beautiful veggie flowers. I love okra flowers. I planted them in my flower and herb gardens this year just for the flowers.

  5. Victoria says:

    Okra & Eggplant flowers are my favorite. We’ve been frying up sliced okra, but I’m doing some research into Indian okra recipes. I’m determined to go beyond the Bayou :).

    The garden is looking fantastic!

  6. Oh, how I love dahlia and okra flowers. And chaotic, overgrown tomato beds. Looking forward to hearing your autumn/winter garden plans — I have a few weeks yet to hem and haw, but at the very least I need to get my seeds started in the greenhouse and my garlic ordered!

  7. Barbara says:

    What a lovely garden you have, Jes! I’m not a big fan of okra, but I used to grow it just for the flowers, which are stunning.

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