Blacksburg Fork & Cork

Last weekend, G & I, along with our friend B, headed down to the Blacksburg Fork & Cork, a food and wine festival held in the First & Main Shopping District. More a wine festival than anything else (no food samples were included in the ticket price and very few food vendors were actually on premise), it was actually a lot more fun than I thought it would be. The day started out rainy and cold but quickly warmed up once the sun broke through the clouds, and with eighteen different wineries* at the event, it was a fantastic showing of southwest & central Virginia’s best wines. Even though the food was a little lacking, The Cellar, one of my favorite restaurants and bars in Blacksburg, had a food truck out selling all kinds of sandwiches (no idea if there was anything vegetarian…have to admit, I didn’t even look). Hot damn, that pulled pork sandwich was everything and more–couldn’t have asked for a better drunk lunch. All in all, an awesome festival well worth the $20 for a ticket–oh, and if you go next year, be sure to buy a bottle of wine to drink while waiting in line. The lines can be kind of long, but you’ll never notice if you’re sipping away the whole time!

*The wineries represented include: Peaks of Otter, Savoy-Lee, Fincastle, Attimo, Horton, Veritas, Stanburn, Mountain Rose, White Rock, Barren Ridge, Molliver, AmRhein, Well Hung, Unicorn, Lexington Valley, Naked Mountain, Notaviva, and DeVault.

One Response to “Blacksburg Fork & Cork”
  1. FoodFeud says:

    Looks like a very fun time! There’s something similar coming up here that I’m volunteering at, so I hope that’s a good event too!

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