LuckyFest 2012: The Lambs & Clams Tour

A few weekends ago, Lucky Restaurant in downtown Roanoke held their first annual LuckyFest, part of “The Lambs and Clams Tour”–a touring little food & drink festival (or, at least, a festival in Roanoke and in Charleston, SC) that Craig Rogers of Border Springs Farm and Travis and Ryan Croxton from Rappahannock River Oysters cooked up to celebrate Spring. While the event was smallish, the flavors were huge and featured brews from Williamsburg Alewerks, Border Springs lamb, whole hog BBQ courtesy of Lucky, various Virginia wines, Rappahannock oysters, and cider from Foggy Ridge. While I passed over the oysters given G’s allergy and though the lamb was good (hot dog & shank, pictured below), Lucky’s BBQ outshone all the other bites, juicy and charred on the edges and perfectly smoked. Gotta give it to Jeff and his chefs–they’re masters both in the kitchen and with the smoker!

One Response to “LuckyFest 2012: The Lambs & Clams Tour”
  1. eileen says:

    I would like one of those hot dogs, please! Ok, maybe I would like two. Also lots of pickles & spicy mustard. 🙂

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