Thanksgiving 2011

Sometimes I question G & I’s sanity, but, even though we had just moved into the house a few days before Thanksgiving, we still managed to pull off a fantastic relaxing and enjoyable Thanksgiving with eight wonderful friends. While I roasted the turkey (local, free-range) and covered it in bacon (when you’re cooking a turkey for the first time…well, cover it in bacon? Definitely worked out amazingly well!), our friends supplied most of the sides, from sauteed cabbage to brussels sprouts to sweet potato casserole to an amazing spicy cranberry-jalapeno cornbread (oh and there were butternut squash soup and beets and mashed potatoes and cornbread stuffin’ and cornbread stuffin’ stuffed squash for the vegetarians) (I know I’m forgetting tons by now). It was a smorgasbord of incredible eats.

Although I was a little tipsy (err, read: drunk) by the time the meal was on the table, I managed to take a few shots of us all and the meal. The table, the centerpiece of the house, is a cedar root system that a local artist pulled out of a stream and fashioned into the amazing table–roots reaching out all over to cradle the glass top; it’s truly the best piece of furniture I’ve ever been privileged to coexist with.  And, well, as mentioned before, even though I only ate a wee bit of it, the local, organic, free-range bacon-wrapped turkey was rocktastique and a perfect celebratory centerpiece.  And, without further ado, the rest  of the first big day of Casa G, our new house.

(Photo credit: Susan J)

10 Responses to “Thanksgiving 2011”
  1. Chuck says:

    That is the most amazing turkey I’ve ever seen!

  2. your dining room table is awesome!! and, i love that you hosted thanksgiving and had your friends over. that must be really special 😉

  3. FoodFeud says:

    That totally is a gorgeous table. Amazing. Nice job getting the house together for Thanksgiving too – that’s never easy.

  4. Mandee says:

    Your table is amazing! I’m not a fan of glass-topped tables but I would definitely love a table likes yours! And it looks like you and your friends enjoyed T’Giving together 🙂

  5. Holy wow. Next year I want to come to yours on Thanksgiving! That is a stunning spread of food. I wouldn’t know where to begin, but I’d definitely come back for seconds and thirds!

  6. WHERE did you get that kitchen table? It’s amazing!

    I love hosting Thanksgiving. It combines my favorite things – hanging out with friends, cooking tons of food, and drinking from morning to night. 😉

  7. eileen says:

    Well, if that’s what it takes to get such an exciting Thanksgiving spread (not to mention a table like that–WOW), I say screw sanity! Glad you had such a great holiday!

  8. Jes, what an amazing feast! I can practically smell it through the screen! (also, your turkey is possibly the most amusing AND the most likely-to-be-mistaken-for-fine-art looking turkey I’ve seen ever). Is it hard to play footsie through that table? 😀

  9. Jes, What a beautiful meal and nice to share it with friends. You christened the new house. beautiful table too!

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