Saturday Sunning

No food, just a super cute yawning sun stretchin’ lazy cat.

60 something degree sunny windy weather here in Roanoke and I’ve been running Big Pine Provisions this morning, handing out cups of locally roasted coffee and sample of my (if I can say so myself) rockin’ blackberry cheesecake.  Yay for local food!

Post-work I’m off to Fleet Feet to buy a new pair of running shoes so that I can start running again and then break in my Vibrams again.  I love barefoot running, am annoyed that I stopped running altogether and have to re-break-in the shoes.  But, hey, at least it’s doing something!  And I just signed up for the 5K Explore Your Limits trail run on March 5.  There’s a whole series for not-so-serious trail runners and I think I’m going to do it.  Should be fun!

Also, just found out yesterday that in December I’m going to ENGLAND! to see JEFF MAGNUM! (of Neutral Milk Hotel, of course) perform/curate a 3 day music festival with a bunch of other Elephant 6 bands.  HOLY HOLY HOLY SHIT!!!!!!  I never thought I’d ever get to see him perform and to see him in England at a small music festival is just unbelievable.  G & I will be traveling around for a week or 10 days or something post-festival, of course, so it’ll be cold but fantastically fun (especially since I’ve never been across the pond).  I am so so so so excited. !!!!!

Tonight a friend’s birthday party, tomorrow either a hike or kayaking.  Oh yeah, and some thesis writing.  I gotta do that at some point fo sho.  It’s a beautiful weekend here and I definitely #LML!

8 Responses to “Saturday Sunning”
  1. Man, do cats know how to relax or WHAT?

  2. Meri says:

    A hike sounds so nice! I wish it were warmer here 🙂
    Your trip sounds so fun!

  3. Beth says:

    Even if I’m not a cat person, I do love kitty pictures. Yours is a lovely cat!

    I wish I could have a sample of your blackberry cheesecake.

    So exciting about your England trip—how wonderful!

  4. Barbara says:

    Your kitty is so cute! What a fabulous thing to do on a sunny day – stretch and yawn. We can all learn something from cats. 🙂

  5. Renae says:

    Adorable! And yay for going to England!

  6. I love everything in this post! Sounds like a great day and it sounds like you have great plans lined up. Yay for greatness!

  7. Jac says:

    Lucky! The NYC Jeff Mangum show is the same week as my partner’s birthday, but it sold out in less than a minute. Then something wouldn’t work right with my browser when I tried to get tickets for the Jersey City show, and that sold out in six minutes. Grr! We’re in Athens, so anything Neutral Milk Hotel is golden. I have no idea why he’s not coming down here.

  8. So jealous! So very jealous! So incredibly jealous! I have big time kitty-envy, and even bigger England-envy! But jealousy aside – I am so happy for you! It will be December before you know it, and you know that us poor readers will want to live vicariously through you, so take lots and lots of pictures for us! 😀

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