Strip Trees

It looks like everything survived the freeze ok. I spent chunks of time over the past two days huddled in my bed under covers (and cats) with the space heater on…I’m such a wimp. The “cold” makes me want to move to Florida ASAP and I never want to live in Florida! I like seasons! I do! I just hate being cold.
The time change was weird too. Was Daylight Savings super early this year? Thank God I had nothing to do today because I couldn’t drag myself out of bed until early afternoon. Maybe I’m just exhausted, but I feel jet lagged.
Luckily for me the weather is getting much warmer (maybe I won’t freeze on my birthday this year! novel!) and the birds are reappearing. I tromped over to a neighborhood park and watched the robbins sort through leaves and hop across branches. The park was full of Chinese privit and mahonia and English ivy of course, but I did find a red headed woodpecker among the American Beech stands.
I suppose this afternoon walk was one of strip trees. Every tree seemed to be in some state of undress–whether shedding last year’s leaves and pods or barely covering the branches with new flowers and winged seeds. This is one of my favourite times of spring. The pollen hasn’t started yet, the flowers are just beginning to appear, the birds have just arrived, and the weather isn’t too hot (just warm enough).
Thoreau always seems to say it better than I can. (March 11, 1859) But methinks the sound of the woodpecker tapping is as much a spring note as any these mornings; it echoes peculiarly in the air of a spring morning.

One Response to “Strip Trees”
  1. Steve says:

    Glad to see your blog spring to life again, along with all those premature flowers and red maple seeds.Sadly, we never get woodpeckers in New York — maybe in Central Park, but I’ve never heard one. I have to content myself with doves, which are pretty great in their own right. 🙂

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