Premature Blooms

Atlanta’s weather is neurotic. I know I’ve mentioned that before, but really, it is. Las March I escaped it for 10 days in the Upper Amazon Basin in Peru. This year…I’m stuck. The past few days have been gorgeous–60-70 degrees, sunny, spring-like–but tomorrow morning the weather report calls for snow!
I hope the plants survive. It happens every year; I expect it to. But it’s always a surprise when it does happen. In many ways, March is like my life. Good things happen and I bloom–prematurely–and then some little or major frost comes around and wipes the slate clean. But I rebound. I wasn’t born in Georgia for nothing!

Over the past year I’ve run through as many job options as I could think of–hydrology, ecology, baker/chef, writer, literature, philosophy, sustainable food, bicycle advocacy & education, and probably a few that I can’t remember. I had seven W-2 forms this year. SEVEN. I was planning on graduting this year, I was planning on not; I was planning on going to Russia this summer to study Russian, I was planning on going to Africa instead for ecology; I was focusing on literature, I was focusing on ecology. How many times can I change my mind?!
I’m growing and I’m learning, unlike the flowering plants around here. Every year they bloom and then freeze, but I’d like to think that I’m leaving that phase behind. (Although maybe that’s a premature statement as well…) I know I’m moving in a few months. Where? Who knows. I know that I love nature and I love books, but that I have to decide in the next couple of years what I really want to do with those passions. I know that I’m really good at writing resumes! I know that I still love to cook. I know that I have friends and family supporting me (even though they think I’m absolutely neurotic at decision making).
All in all, not too shabby.

p.s. I applied for a job at the California Academy of Sciences. Fingers crossed!!!


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