Change is a'Wing

Forgive my lapse in posts. Last weekend I moved for the third time this year. After spending another day hauling boxes and furniture to a new place–this time a studio apartment right down the street from my old house–I can’t help but think of the birds migrating right now. Every morning and evening, I look up into the sky and see flocks of swallows and wrens and other unidentifiable birds (without the aid of binoculars, at least) soar above and past me on their journey south. They move twice a year, some thousands of miles in a matter of days, and they survive battering wind, rain, snow, factories, and hunters’ guns–birds are amazing. Moving is considered one of the most stressful events in a person’s life, but for geese and cranes and sparrows and tanagers, moving, migration, is life, it’s life-giving, life-renewing.

Pygmy Kingfisher
Amazon Rain Forest, March 2007

I’m in the middle of finals now (and 20 page seminar papers on Samuel Beckett) and less than one week into living at my new place. I wrecked my bike on Monday and have been trying to use public transportation to get the four miles to class and work that I normally bike every morning–life is stressful. But the migrating birds are giving me strength right now. And what I would give to be back in the Amazon stalking birds in the canopy or on the river…


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